Etch: Stable Diffusion client for iOS

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I’ve been impressed with Stable Diffusion since it launched last month and wanted to lower barriers for more people to use it.

Etch is a little project I hacked on that lets people play with DreamStudioStability AI’s hosted Stable Diffusion service– easily on their iPhones. The app supports txt2img, img2img, and inpainting.

Note: I’m not affiliated with Stability AI, just a fan of their work.

There are rough edges, but I think it’s usable enough for other folks to check out. If you try it, let me know what you make!

Little project I’ve been hacking on: Etch, a Stable Diffusion client for iOS 📱

I love creating AI-generated images, and now Etch lets me do it on-the-go.

Backend is powered by DreamStudio and supports txt2img, img2img, & inpainting

TestFlight download:

— Shubhro Saha (@shubroski) September 27, 2022

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