Searching for wisdom

Google is great at finding answers, but not so great at finding wisdom.

What is wisdom? Wisdom is what I’m looking for when I search for things like:

I want to read raw narratives, not content bred to rank highly on PageRank. I want to hear from someone I can relate to, not a listicle journalist.

I find wisdom in forums like Hacker News and Reddit. Sure, they’re echo chambers for a certain segment of the population, but often that’s OK for the wisdom I look for. Appending or to my query hits the spot.

It would be neat if I could search for wisdom, more generally, across forums and personal blogs containing wisdom relevant to my query. I often find the best content not on TechCrunch, Business Insider, or BuzzFeed, but in essays from unaffected personal blogs. I want a search engine targeting deeply personal opinions and narratives.

Or maybe just a faster way to jump to the 20th page of search results.

January 2018