Product market fittest

Sean Ellis once proposed a way to measure product market fit:

In my experience, achieving product/market fit requires at least 40% of users saying they would be “very disappointed” without your product.

This got me thinking about which products in my life I would be “very disappointed” to lose, and SimpleNote came out at the top.

Yep. It’s yet another free note-taking service.

For two years, I’ve used SimpleNote to sync notes between nvalt on my laptop and the Simplenote iOS app on my phone.

What I love about SimpleNote, though, is it just works. It doesn’t do more than it’s supposed to do. The sync in both directions is blazing fast. I don’t even think about it. I forget that it’s there.

I tried other apps, but SimpleNote is the only one I found that does this one thing really well, resulting in a legion of die-hard users.

Heck, I would even pay for it if I could.

I should go back up my notes.

January 2018